Contributor named and titled under the Contributors Agreement hereby declares that the Contributor has uploaded all creative content assets in his conscious state of mind and with his free will and consent has agreed upon to transfer the intellectual property rights vested in such all creative content assets in favour of Pixemix Worldwide. Further that the Contributor has sole and original transferable rights vested in such all creative content assets published on for purchase by the Licensee who is not in immediate contact and approach to the Contributor. Further that the Contributor declares that content so uploaded on this website is original, novel, contagiously curative graphical artwork designed to meet the demand of the consumers/end-users/licensee. In case of content uploaded by the contributor is in nature of ‘Model Uploads/Living artifacts/gestures and features of sculptors, ideals, human beings, and children having ownership & possessory rights, guardianship, life, dignity, feelings, repute, mobility and monetary value’, the contributor agrees to have procured consent form in prescribed format from the concerned authority before photographing and uploading such photograph on this website and also declares that the same is submitted to the Contributor while uploading such photographs for editorial use only. Contributor further declares that the action of publication of his original artwork is consensual and appropriate remuneration agreeable to the Contributor is received by the Contributor and therefore the Contributor willingly and without coercion agrees to transfer the intellectual property rights owned by the Contributor in favour of Pixemix Worldwide and further agrees to transfer the same in favour of the Consumer/Licensee/End-user. Contributor exclusively publishing designs on this platform shall at all times declare that Contributor is not enforced to exercise such option. Contributor exercising exclusivity in publication may or may not choose to upload files for non-exclusive designs and graphical content, however, declares that the content exclusively published on this website was not published on any other similar website or is not published on any other platform. Contributor declares to waive such right of publication on any other platform in case of exclusive license. Contributor further declares that once the license for all creative content assets is transferred in favour of Pixemix Worldwide, only right to transfer the same on “As is” and “Available Is” basis is transferred, whereas Contributor shall not at any time abstain from any liability or claims raised subsequently against originality, authenticity of the graphical design and breach of consent terms in case of Model Uploads/Living artifacts/Human gestures and features and sculptors, ideals, human beings, and children having guardianship, life, dignity, feelings, repute, mobility and monetary value and shall participate in the legal proceedings as principal holder of license of the all creative content assets irrespective of no privity of contract by and between the Contributor and the Consumer/End User/Licensee. Contributor declares that the Contributor in any case shall hold the position of Principal License Holder and therefore shall subsist with all responsibilities, accountability and liability of legitimate claims raised by Consumer/End-user/Licensee or third party. Contributor declares that whatever stated herein above and in the Contributors Agreement is read over by the Contributor and is declared by the Contributor with free will, consent and under no undue influence and therefore is true to the best of the Contributors knowledge and expertise. The Contributor affirms and verifies the aforementioned statement and declares to have capacity to enter into such contract as per Indian Laws. Contributor finally declares to be identified as co-creator with Pixemix Worldwide and affirms engagement with Pixemix Worldwide on the terms agreed upon by and between the Contributor as per Contributors Agreement and is well aware of other terms and policies such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Monetization Policy.